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Export cards to the Mnemosyne XML format (open source digital flashcard system).
[Download Mnemosyne for Windows/Linux] [Download Mnemosyne for OSX] [Principles behind Mnemosyne] [Documentation] [Wired article on spaced repitition]
Step 0: Download and install Mnemosyne from one of the links above

Step 1: Sets to export
You can select multiple sets by holding down the Control key while clicking.
NTMC = A New Text for a Modern China
(NTMC cards are in Dutch!)
Step 2: Preferred character type
First traditional, then simplified
First simplified, then traditional
Only traditional
Only simplified

Step 3: Card type Select what kind of cards you would like to generate:
Reading: characters on front
Writing: definition and pinyin on front
Writing: definition and toneless pinyin for practising tones on front
Speaking: definition on front
Add definition and frequency of each character (source: Unihan)
Add example sentences in simplified characters (source: dict.cn)

Variables you can use
$trad - traditional characters
$trad_optional - traditional characters if different from simplified
$simpl - simplified characters
$simpl_optional - simplified characters if different from traditional
$pinyin - pinyin with tone marks (hàn zì)
$pinyin_numbers - pinyin with tone numbers (han4 zi4)
$pinyin_toneless - pinyin without tones (han zi)
$definition - definition
$chardefs - definition of each character (will use one line for each)
$sentences - example sentences from dict.cn

Step 4 (optional): Prefix for category names This will be prepended to set name and is useful for creating different decks for testing reading skills, writing skills, etc.

Step 5 (optional): Randomize word list
Shuffle cards to prevent learning of new cards in the order they are defined in the word lists (especially useful for the alphabetical HSK lists).

Step 6 (optional): Easiness How well do know these cards right now? (EXPERIMENTAL)
These cards are new or I don't know them well (default import)
I have just prelearned these cards (next interval after grade 4 will be around 5 days)
I have learned these cards recently (next interval after grade 4 will be around 12 days)
I have learned these cards in the past using other methods (next interval after grade 4 will be around 30 days)
I know these cards very well already (use with care; next interval after grade 4 will be around 90 days)
Note that if you grade a card as 2, the next interval will still be 80% of the grade 4 interval!

Step 7:

Step 8: A dialog will pop up. Select 'Save as' and save it to your Desktop. Next, start the Mnemosyne program, click on File->Import and browse to the file you just downloaded to import the cards.